Hi, I'm Ziyi, nice to see you here!

I am a design enthusiast with a knack for turning boring concepts into eye-catching creations. With a background in user experience design, I bring a little "design magic" to every project I touch.
GLOBALG.A.P - Website relaunch

Empowering Client Communication and Transaction Quality: Website Solutions and Practical Tools for Seamless Resource Navigation in Complex Information Systems.

BMWK CO2 Calculator
maplab - semester project, Boosting Bremen's Local Transportation Sustainability through Collective Innovation
Fake news - master thesis, why not fight fire with fire? this is an ironic and satirical design to combat fake news with fake news
Embroidery exhibition - visual identity design for museum exhibitions
DeutschlandCard - daily maintenance
JUWI Ernegy - daily maintenance
Deutsche Messe AG - Website maintenance

One Webkit, common to all websites. Based on customer and market needs, we develop generalisable content modules.