About me

Hello/Moin/你好, I’m Ziyi, a UX designer from China, currently living in Hamburg, Germany.
In my work, I focus on the systematic construction of my design concepts, focusing on each design process, from the research of the target group to the conception of creative solutions, to the non-stop experimentation and testing for the realization of the solutions. I work multidisciplinary in the field of UX and UI Design and specialize in creating intuitive, user-friendly digital experiences for websites and mobile apps I am also passionate about user-centered design, where I prioritize understanding users' needs and behaviors to create meaningful solutions. I see my strengths in my creativity and my diligence. I’m always keep to develop myself professionally, so feel free to reach out.


2014 - 2018
Product design with focus furniture design
Beijing University of Technology



2019 - 2021
Integriertes design with focus system interaction
Hochschule für Künste Bremen



Fake newspaper published in a real one

Getting to know myself better through other people.