GlobalG.A.P is a private, globally applicable agricultural quality assurance and certification system and the name of the organisation that defines and operates it.
GlobalG.A.P defines standards for products in the categories of fruit and vegetables, livestock, floriculture and aquaculture, and issues certificates for certified products.
Its website is a platform for information services for producers, local certification bodies and partners.
We provided GlobalG.A.P with a website relaunch. The old website did not meet their current needs.
GlobalGAP wanted a new website that would be more producer-centric and dialogue-driven, while providing information to certification bodies and helping to improve communication between producers, certification bodies and buyer.

Document Centre

The Document Centre is a very important feature of this website, as most users come to the site to find information about the documents they need. A clear interface and an easy to use filter will allow users to find the documents they need quickly and accurately.

Checklist Builder

To assist producers interested in GlobalG.A.P in comprehending GlobalG.A.P products and accessing the required documents for a suitable certificate, we have introduced a valuable feature: the GlobalG.A.P Checklist Builder. This innovative tool empowers users to generate a tailored checklist by simply responding to four straightforward questions. Subsequently, the tool provides the user with a customized list of documents that producers can utilize in their certificate preparation process. This resource not only simplifies the certification journey but also ensures that producers have the right information

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